It’s the most wonderful time of the year…kind of. You managed to successfully hammer your bank account in the Black Friday sales (no-one needs to know you applied the one present for them, one present for you rule) have been persuaded to take part in seven Secret Santa’s (get Jane from HR a RAWR beauty gift card and thank us later) can’t find an office Christmas party outfit anywhere and you’ve volunteered to organise the turkey for Christmas – even though you’re more ‘not another night of microwave meals’ than Nigella. Frankly, your Christmas cheer is nowhere to be seen and you’re feeling kind of frazzled.

Have no fear, like a bunch of bright and shiny beauty elves we have a host of budget-friendly beauty hacks that will keep you, your skin, your hair and lips in good spirits. Plus, these purse-friendly pampering tips will leave you with enough leftover cash to treat yourself to a much-needed Christmas massage. That’s all you want for Christmas, really, isn’t it?

When life gives you lemons…make a skin-brightening toner

Not just reserved for your festive Friday night tequila shots, lemons are a standout beauty staple. Packed full of citric acid, lemons will help tighten, brighten and banish blemishes. With regular use – 2 times a week is enough – you can keep skin radiant and youthful looking. To whip up your own DIY lemon toner simply mix freshly squeezed lemon juice, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of vitamin E oil and 2 cups of water – or 2.5 if you’ve got sensitive skin. Shake it like a polaroid picture, tip onto a cotton pad, smooth onto your skin and get glowing.

When life gives you lemons… use them!

Keep colour locked into your locks

Help keep your hair colour looking luscious by rinsing it with apple cider vinegar. Products often build up in our hair leaving it dull and lacklustre but running apple cider vinegar through it helps get rid of any excess product. Leave it for ten minutes before rinsing to help lock in your colour and to keep it shiny. Ok, so it may not smell like a rainforest (more likely it will evoke images of freshly battered fish and chips) but we promise it’ll be worth it when your hair is gleaming brighter than the angel on top of the Christmas tree – just make sure you rinse it out thoroughly. 

Luscious locks this winter with cider vinegar

Coconut oil will change your life and is the perfect budget-friendly beauty hack

If there’s one thing that should be in your beauty cupboard, kitchen cupboard or on your Christmas list it’s coconut oil. It will literally change your life and transform your beauty regime. Use it mixed with water as make up remover, slather some on your lips as a clear lip gloss and coat your hair in it as a super-strength conditioner. 

budget-friendly beauty hack

A budget-friendly beauty hack we all need to plump it up

To give lips that gorgeous plumped look before you go out, add a dab of light eyeshadow in the centre after applying your lipstick. The white eyeshadow will draw attention to the centre of your lips giving them the allusion of looking fuller. 

budget-friendly beauty hack
Plump it

Soften hair strands as you sweat

Before you hit the gym, coat your hair with a hair mask and scrape it into a bun.  Whilst your working out, the heat from your body will help the mask penetrate deeper. When it comes to jumping in the shower and rinsing it out, you’ll notice your hair (and your bod) looking incredible. 

Full disclaimer: we know you might leave this one until the New Year and that’s totally fine. In the meantime, you can pass us another mince pie. 

Let that hair mask work whilst you work out

Lips so sweet

Finally, save your pennies and create your own lip scrub. It’s super easy: microwave a spoonful of honey, add two tablespoons of brown sugar (its softer than the white, granulated stuff), dip a cotton pad into the mixture and gently scrub across your lips. Let it soak in for ten minutes before gently wiping it off. This fuss-free scrub will add a slick of moisture and rid your lips of any dead and dry skin cells. Grab some mistletoe and pucker up. The perfect budget-friendly beauty hack for Christmas.