Forget Keeping up with the Kardashians, keeping up with the latest Easter inspired nails is our top priority. Check out the latest Easter inspired nails that are worth hopping on …

Bright polishes

Now that winter is ending, OPI have released their brand-new spring collection – Mexico City. The collection is the perfect combination of cute pastels and bold bright colours. From the “My Chihuahua Doesn’t bite anymore” to “Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal” the colours are the perfect combination for your nail technician to create that Easter inspired nail.

OPI Mexico City collection

Colourful tips

We have had enough Ombre for the year already and it’s only March! A modern twist on the classic French manicure, have your tips multicoloured in the Easter inspired pastels! Check out one of our London Fashion Week girls, Bee Beardsworth’s nails for inspo!

Bee Beardsworth and her coloured tips during LFW 2020

Easter inspired nails

 Small black specks on top of a pastel nail is almost too tempting to nibble away at! They look exactly like Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and are the ideal Easter inspired nail.

Mini Egg Nails

Classic Easter egg

If the classic Easter egg is your thing, then why not go all out and decorate your nails in the same way?! Some classic pastel stripes and spots are so beautifully classy.

Easter Inspired Nails
Easter Inspired Nails

Springtime flowers

Why not challenge your nail tech to decorate your nails in spring flowers? Some daisy chain nails are an ideal nod to spring. Channel your inner cutesy girlie look just so you can capitalise on this perfect Easter inspired nail.

Easter inspired nails
Daisy chain nails

Pink to make the boys wink

If pink is just your classic then why change? There are some amazing pastel pinks in our collection. Pop into one of our salons and check out our huge colour range!

Pastel pink nails

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