Sometimes life calls for a ‘more than a coat of mascara’ makeover. For the days, nights and occasions that require eyes to be big, bold and extra defined reach for a pair of false eyelashes. A sleek strip of lashes can instantly uplift any look giving you the confidence to secure that new job/ pay rise / future bae. Whatever the occasion, we’ve found the right falsies to help you flutter those eyelashes and fake it until you make it. 

Get ready to slay with these falsies that will last all day…and if you’ve had a really good night, until hangover breakfast with your friends the next morning. Which is completely fine, because, you woke up like this.

The day-to-day false eyelashes

Instantly boost your confidence for a job interview, a meeting with your big boss, or, more likely, when you’ve got after work drinks to go to.

Look for a not-too-long, wispy, lash with a skinny band that’ll help blend with your natural lashes better. The thinner strip means you can keep make up to the minimum – no one wants to apply a full face first thing in the morning. Look for lashes you can individually count to make them work appropriate and not too obviously false. A flare at the corners will give you an attractive wide-awake look, which will make your eyes pop without looking too overdone. 

If this feels a little extra for your daily routine, then a lash lift might be better suited. You’ll get longer lashes by lifting them naturally at the root – no glue necessary. Pop in to see Rawr’s lash experts at your nearest salon to find out more.

The bottomless brunch false eyelashes

You want cute, not club, and definitely not something that runs the risk of falling into your avocado on toast. Application is everything here, as these lashes need to last as long as you do.

Try lashes that are feathery, but not too full, with a curling, tapered trim. Interlaced lashes with a slightly wispy effect will draw out your eye corners, lengthen your lash line and give the illusions of bigger and more attractive eyes. 

These lashes are also a good transition lash between the natural (kind-of) no-make up look and the full volume, high drama lash strips.

The doe-eyed date-night false eyelashes

Come hither lashes that look naturally long… but not too long, not, like, camel long. You might scare off your Hinge date and it’ll be a waste of lashes.

For a sultry, cat eye look that’s flirty, feminine and pretty sexy, choose a false lash that’s varied in length and extra curvaceous at the ends.

For a cat eye, you want the inner lashes to be a lot shorter and to gradually get longer until they look like a crescent moon. The fanned out design will give you a sultry, romantic look that intensifies when you’re doing cute things, like sharing (slurping) spaghetti across the table from one another. 

Mink lashes are the most wearable and look effortless with every application. They’re a slightly higher price point but they do last a lot longer – on average 25 uses per pair. Imagine being able to outfit repeat that many times? Dreamy.

The ‘too glam to give a dam’ false eyelashes

These are the lashes you should be wearing for Christmas, New Year, your birthday or that party you know your ex’s new partner will be at. Basically, these are the lashes for when you need to turn up the drama to ten. 

If your make up is fully loaded, then your lash game should be too. Look for heavy, full-fanned lashes with a sturdy band that will help keep them in place. The thick band will also help you get more wear out of them – on average, you should be able to wear your lashes out at least eight different times. 

For those who really want to crank up the volume, opt for double or triple-stacked lashes. These are lashes that have been layered on top of one another for maximum impact – go big or go home.

To really make your peepers pop, 24-7, consider getting a full set of glam lash extensions from a Rawr salon. The individual lashes add length and volume without you having to lift a finger. Simply lie back whilst the lash artist completely transforms your lash game from meh, just fine to full and fabulous.

So you’ve found your ideal eyelashes, how the heck do you apply them?

We must admit, applying false lashes can be pretty hard. It’s not something you’re going to be able to do in the two minutes you’ve got until the taxi arrives and applying after anything more than a glass of wine should be considered hazardous to your health. But don’t panic, it’s still not as difficult (read: disastrous) as drawing winged eyeliner can be. 

Here’s how to apply false eyelashes like a pro: start by peeling the eyelashes from the packet from the outer edge with a pair of tweezers. You don’t want to damage the inner lashes, as this is what keeps them looking natural. The same applies for trimming, trim from the outside to ensure the inner lashes are kept immaculate. Apply a sweep of eyelash glue to the falsies lash line and wait thirty seconds, so they’re tacky and not too wet. Start from the corner of your eye (it helps to look downwards) using tweezers to push the lash onto your lash line – not your eyelids. Finish with a flick of eyeliner and a coat of mascara to help them blend in and avoid any visible gloopy spots. 

If you’ve worked out which is your go-to lash style but can’t seem to stick them on straight and after an hour in, half of the lash is hanging off and one end is poking you in the eye? Then don’t worry, we’ve got you. Visit any Rawr salon to get your lash strips applied in mere minutes. 


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