Ah, that elusive beauty buzzword:glowing skin. It’s as sought after as a ten-day holiday in the Maldives, a Hermes birkin or the last purple Quality Street, yet how do you achieve that glassy, glossy glow without a month of sleep or drinking our body weight in chia-seed, lemon-flavoured, magic unicorn water? All hail skin prep. Luminous skin starts with nailing the beauty basics and adding a few saviour serums into our regimes. Follow our skin-saving tips and get glowing skin in the (make up) bag.

Slather on a heavy-hitting hydrator

Not all heroes wear capes – hyaluronic acid is punchy ingredient that’ll take your face from sallow to slaying. This miracle worker holds 100x its own weight in water meaning that’ll it’ll draw moisture in and retain it. Post-flight, post-party and pretty much anytime your skin is feeling a bit meh, apply a HA-enriched serum and bask in your own glow.

Sweat it out

We’re not talking about your spin session forehead sheen – ew, gross – read on.

It’s a no brainer that exercise is good for you. Not only will you feel fiercer from the rush of endorphins but your increased heart rate will boost your circulation and bring oxygen to your skin. Your skin won’t be suffocating as oxygen promotes healthy cell growth and the increased circulation helps remove any free radicals (evil molecules that can break down your skins collagen) leaving your skin protected. And, yes, throwing shapes at 23.58 on 31st December definitely counts.

Double cleanse

So good you have to do it twice to get glowing skin. Start by cleaning your face with an oil cleanser to take off your make up and get rid of any excess oil, dirt or pollution. Then, lather foam or gel cleanser to give your skin a deep clean. Come rain, shine or after one too many wines (especially after too many wines) repeat this double cleanse every evening to help achieve that enviable glossy glow.

Rawr-ready expert tip: For waterproof eyeliner or eyeliner that won’t budge, soak cotton pads with the oil-based remover and let them sit on your lids for at least ten seconds. Wipe away and watch stubborn smudges vanish.

Soak up vitamin C

Forget the D, it’s all about vitamin C.

The ultimate brightening, tightening and glow-enhancing vitamin – add a vitamin C serum or oil into your morning routine to help protect your skin throughout the day. The do-it-all vitamin will help neutralise free radicals (yup, them again) to help it appear plumper, rid skin of uneven tones and banish age spots. Sensitive skin types will want to start with a gentler percentage before slowing building up to a more concentrated product.

Say no to sun-exposure

Above all, consider it a skin sin to not wear SPF everyday – even when you feel like the sun hasn’t shone since September and its dark everyday at 4pm. Almost ninety per cent of wrinkles and premature aging are from sun exposure and, like everything, it’s easier to prevent damage than it is to fix it afterwards. Worried about leaving your makeup claggy and cakey looking? Don’t worry: we’ve got you. There’s plenty of lightweight, SPF30 – the golden number – sunscreen that’ll certainly add a light sheen whilst protecting your skin AND leaving your full-beat face faultless.

Fake it until you make it

Finally, fresh-faced radiance takes time and relationship-style commitment to your skincare regime. We’re not encouraging you to skip out on steps 1 – 5 but for a get it on-the-glow dewiness, add a light-reflecting, pearlescent primer under your make up. It’ll cover up dullness, disguise fatigue and give you an instant hefty dose of dew.