The days between Christmas and New Year are largely spent hazily walking around in a post-feast food coma, confused as to what day it is and pondering if it’s acceptable to eat chocolate orange for breakfast (again). It’s also the ideal time to indulge in some well-deserved self-care. And a multi-mask will hit just the spot!

Originally stemming from Korea – the home of bible-worthy skincare – a multi-mask enables you to satisfy all your skins cravings by tailoring each mask to treat different areas of concern. Think of it as a bespoke facial you can give yourself whilst settling in to a Netflix box set marathon.

Different areas of your skin have different needs and, sadly, one sheet mask won’t solve it all – although we agree, it would be far easier if it could. Apply masks next to each other to create a multi-mask masterpiece worthy of hanging in the Louvres. Your skin will emerge looking like a work of art and you’ll feel like a well-pampered Picasso.

Tackle your T-zone

Firstly, most people have a blemish-prone T-zone – your forehead and your nose. Excess oil, a build of dead skin cells and hard-to-burst blackheads around the nose can leave skin looking inflamed and sore. Your mask needs to be a multi-tasking magician: it needs to sap up excess oil (without drying out the skin) draw out impurities and help clear spots. Clay mud masks, charcoal scrubs and peel-off (so satisfying) green tea masks will all help detoxify the skin.

Prone to hormonal breakouts, uneven textures and just a bit of a pain in the ass, your chin will benefit from the same purifying mask as your T-zone. Use it to refresh and exfoliate this troublesome area.

Pamper parched cheeks

Secondly, heavy on the glow, please. Cheeks can quickly become dull and need a bit of a brightening boost. Masks containing vitamin C, collagen and algae will help hydrate, plump and glow.  

If you have sensitive skin or cheeks that are prone to flair ups, then apply your hydrating masks in the same places as you would your contour. Add the mask to the tops of your cheekbones and down your jawline. When it comes to applying your full-beat face, your key contour areas will already carry a natural shine brighter than Jeffree Star’s highlight.

For a quick fix and to make good use of the sheet masks you received in your Christmas stocking, cut the sheet mask to the size of your cheeks and place it on the area. Once you’ve had the mask on for fifteen minutes, made a cup of tea, put the washing machine on and aimlessly scrolled Instagram, don’t wipe off the excess serum. This is the best part. Simply pat the serum into the skin and leave it to soak in. The serum will sink deeper into the skin creating an envy-inducing shimmer.

Dump the under-eye bags

Finally, the only bag we’re looking for is a baby Birkin under our underarm. Under-eye bags, puffiness and dark circles are not cute. Often this area is the most dehydrated – and neglected. For a short cut to sparkling eyes, opt to use a soothing eye patch that fit snuggly under the eyes. Store them in the fridge to accelerate the de-puff. Searching for something stronger? Look for masks with pomegranate, avocado and caffeine in. It’ll stimulate the area resulting in perkier peepers.

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