In the current climate with COVID-19 at the top of everyone’s priorities, you shouldn’t be able to find a salon open. For all of you hardcore regular appointment goers out there this may be breaking your heart as well as your nails!

Check out our top tips for removing your acrylic nails at home:

Cut your claws down!

Carefully, using a clipper cut your acrylic nail right down. Turning your nails over and doing a tiny clip at a time either side, you should prevent your nailbed cracking.

File away- the key to removing acrylic nails!

Let’s be honest, you want this process over and done with as quickly as possible. Using a sharp file, file your nail down quite thin. By doing this, it will speed up the next step!

Removing acrylic nails
Will take a while at this pace…

Bring out the bowls!

You will need 2 – one bigger and one smaller bowl for the soak off process!

Soak off time!

Removing your acrylic nails is a tough job. Fill the bigger bowl with warm water and acetone in the smaller bowl.  Soak your nails for approximately 10 minutes! *Be careful with Acetone*

Remove your nails

Remove your hands from the bowls and wipe off the residue!

These 5 easy steps should remove your acrylic nails without damaging your nail bed. Now, file your natural nails into the shape of your choice. Check out other ways you can look after your well-being during this time of isolation.

Don’t panic, as soon as COVID-19 has gone away, we will be back and you will be able to pop back into your local salon. But for now its…

Self isolation is key