Is your makeup drawer bulging full of things you are keeping for the sake of keeping? Do you never chuck away that old foundation because you never know when you might need that last drop from that shade? Check out our 5 easy steps below to spring clean your makeup bag…

Sort your items into groups

Start by sorting out all your potions, lotions and makeup into coordinating groups. From your 100’s of shades/ brands of foundations to the 50 dried out mascaras you have “just in case”; by grouping it all, it will become clear what needs to be thrown away.

Keep vs throw away

Your beauty products should make you feel and look your best. Take this moment to do your very own stock take, check out what is still in date and instantly throw away those bits that aren’t. Outdated makeup and beauty products can cause infections, irritation or be riddled with bacteria.

Why are you keeping that?

If it is sill in date and usable, question each item as to why you have it? Why you don’t use it anymore? When was the last time you used it? If the answer was “who knows?!” then you know exactly what you must do …

Organise your everyday make up and “out out” make up

Use two separate makeup bags/boxes/drawers to separate your “every day” vs “out out”. Then you can make your own dividers within each: Face, Eyes, Brows and Lips.

NOTE: You can get some great makeup bags and make up drawer tidy’s from Primark!

Go shopping!

Having a clear out and sorting through your makeup drawer can highlight (excuse the pun) exactly what you are missing too. Do what you do best, go out and buy the bits you are missing from your collection.

Did you know?!

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