Every year we promise we’ll get ahead. We’ll make a list, check it twice and order everyone’s gift off of Amazon weeks in advance. It’ll arrive pre-wrapped and ready to sit pretty beneath the tree. Yet, every year, we furiously run around the high street looking for a gift for your boss/ sisters new partner (that you haven’t met yet) or the new girl at work (does she spell her name with an e?!) before settling on a pair of socks and some hand cream. In a festive flap? Don’t worry, take a deep breath, we’ve got you. Browse our beauty stocking fillers guide that’ll suit all budgets and nail the ‘omg I totally knew what you’d want’ reaction.

Stocking fillers under £10

Sheet masks

Best for: absolutely everyone. Your neighbour/ co-worker/ boss’s dog

Santa should award these special ‘stocking fillers ’ status. Suitable for absolutely everyone you have to buy for, pick between funky and fresh designs – think tiger faces, glittery decals and Disney princesses – for younger giftees, masks infused with hyaluronic acid for more mature skin and get the Gemini’s in your life a mutli-mask set to suit all their moods.

Bath bombs

Best for: your in-laws

Partner’s parents are by far the hardest people to buy a stocking fillers for and you don’t want to buy them booze, again. Bath bombs are a balance between something indulgent they can enjoy and safe enough you won’t offend them. Plus, half the fun of buying them is smelling forty-five different kinds before picking one based on their favourite colour.

Rawr expert tip: avoid any with glitter in. You don’t want your future mother-in-law cursing you as she scrubs glitter flakes from the tub, six months into 2020.

Lip balm

Best for: the back-up gift for unexpected guests

It puts as much fear into us as burning the turkey and every year, without fail, it happens. An unannounced guest arrives bearing beautifully wrapped hampers and presents for every family member and you have nothing to give them in return. A boujee lip balm is the perfect thing to have at the bottom of the Santa sack. If no such guests turn up, at least you’ve bagged yourself an extra beauty gift stocking filler.

Stocking fillers under £15

Wave spray

Best for: Kardashian-obsessed colleagues

Give the gift of great hair with a texturizing wave spray. It’ll take colleagues iron-straight locks from flat to fabulous and help them achieve that enviable A-list, tousled-lock look. People will be mistaking them for Kim K in no time.

Face mist

Best for: the relative that always look like they have their life together

Face it, there’s always that one family member that just seems so effortless. For the person that seems to have everything, get them a gift that you’ll know will go to good use. Look for cooling face sprays with aloe vera or rosewater in. They’ll be able to spritz and sashay through the summer – chances are you’ll be asking to borrow it too.

Sleep spray

Best for: glow-getters who live life at 100mph

Festive frazzle = a month worth of beauty sleep needed. A lavender-infused sleep mask – bonus points if you buy a self-heating mask – soothing sleep spray and a knee-weakingly gorgeous candle will help overworked and weary friends into a deep slumber quicker than they can say ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Under £30

Rawr manicure:

Best for: spoiling your favourite sibling/niece/ nephew/ friend

We’ve nailed this one. Everyone wants a new set of perfectly polished nails to take you through the festive season and into the New Year. Pop into your local Rawr salon to book your BFF/ bae/ brother’s girlfriend in for a full-works mani and, whilst you’re there, gift yourself one too. Come on, you’ve worked hard this year and deserve it.

Beauty travel kit

Best for: jet-setters with more passport stamps than you have beauty products

You’ve given up trying to work out where they are or what time zone they’re working on and have resulted to checking their Instagram to find out where in the world they are. Choose a travel kit that contains the essentials – moisturiser, sheet mask and cleanser – that they can slip easily into their carry on, all in handy travel sizes, to arrive jet-lag free.

Set of beauty brushes

Best for: budding bloggers/ youtubers/ MUA’s

Nothing screams ‘I got you, sis’ than a brand new set of beauty brushes. Take their beauty game from basic to guru with a set of tapered, feathered brushes. Their contour will be expertly blended and you’ll have bragging right as the best present giver for the rest of the year.

Stocking fillers
Merry Christmas