Beauty trends – we’re always on the lookout for the latest here at Rawr HQ. Whether we’re stalking the catwalks during fashion week, religiously pinning new looks to our Pinterest boards or following a string of beauty billionaires – yup, we’re talking about our nail-inspo queen Kylie  – we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the beauty industry. Some beauty trends came, conquered and will continue into 2020 – we’re 100% behind bushed-up brows – but there are some we cannot wait to see the back off. These are the baffling, the bizarre and the bad beauty trends we’re bidding goodbye to in 2020.

Faux freckles

Whether you applied your faux freckles with eyeliner, lip liner or using one of Instagram’s many face-distorting filters, faking freckles definitely had a moment this year. They may look cute on the ‘gram but IRL it’s hard to make draw-on freckles look realistic. More often than not you look like a three-year old has been playing dot-to-dot on your face.

2020 is all about minimal make-up and natural beauty so embrace your (real) freckles, no-effort eyebrows and champion your not so perfect clear skin.

Glitter overload

Pigment-packed eyeshadows, glittery get-ups and faces smothered in sparkles from head to toe were a big thing this year but after scrubbing our bathroom for the sixth time and realising the damage glitter causes to the environment, these micro-plastic particles are going for good. Besides, looking like a unicorn at Glastonbury threw up on you isn’t cute.

Bratz Doll make up

Every influencer and their G-wagon tried this trend that quickly went viral on social media. Enormous eyes, monstrous lips and carved-out eyebrows proved that plastic isn’t fantastic and sometimes, it’s just plain scary.

OTT Highlighter

Everyone loves a little glow but we’re talking about strobe highlighter so bright it gives you a headache. No one wants to look like glazed Krispy Kreme, so lay-off the shimmer and just use it to make your key contour areas pop. Cheeks, cupids bow and the bridge of your nose are the best places to add a little shine. If your friends mistake you for a shooting star, you know you’ve gone too far.

Devil lips

Seriously, WTH!?! This trend is the latest one to have crossed our Rawr-radar after it went viral in Russia in early December. Large amounts of lip filler is used to give a horn-like look to lips, essentially creating two exaggerated points adjacent to your cupids bow. It’s a huge, huge no from us – natural beauty for the win. Plus, the only horns we plan on wearing in 2020 are the plastic ones on top of our head for Halloween.

Tooth polish

We’re passionate about our pearly whites and dental hygiene but we’re not so convinced about colouring them in. This year we saw people applying tooth polish in rainbow colours, metallic and even glitter across their teeth. Definitely not for us, we thought it resembled a gel pen that had exploded in your mouth.

Sunburnt tattoos

Summer saw sunburnt tattoos pop up all across our social media as people stuck stencils on their skin and headed out without sunscreen to give themselves a sunburnt tattoo. Making the most of our heat wave – seriously, we couldn’t sleep for like a month – left a lighter shape on the skin that looked like a tattoo. Ditching the SPF is so not savvy: it causes skin cancers and contributes to premature ageing. We’re glad to see the lobster-red back of this one.

Nose hair extensions

No-one noes (sorry, not, sorry) where this trend started but we’re finishing it by putting it straight in the beauty bins. For a while in 2019, people were adding false lashes to give the impression of longer nose hairs. Our Rawr hair removal experts were shaking.