Since the breaking of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK, many offices are now following the government guidelines and working from home if possible. If you are used to the daily hustle and bustle into the city (which BTW now resembles a ghost town), fear not, we have 8 tips to keep your day in check.

Working from home can be a tough gig! It’s not all binge watching and baking, some of us actually have work to do! So, the following tips will make sure you are working efficiently whist making the most of being make up free for the foreseeable!

1. Wake up at normal time

Maintaining your regular routine is pretty important – the world will go back to normal one day! If you usually get up and work out, then do just that! Just because you are self-isolating and can’t go to the gym isn’t an excuse. Whack on that Joe Wicks youtube video or finally take part in that 30 day yoga challenge that was your “New years resolution”…

2. Routine

Getting into a routine will be a good thing. Yes working from home has its benefits, you don’t need to put on your “work clothes”, wearing your comfies is perfectly ok. But keeping some structure will make sure you actually do work.

3. Eat, eat, eat

Make the most of having your full kitchen available to you! Now is your time to channel your inner Mary Berry. Baking is not only therapeutic in this hyper anxious climate but you get all the tasty treats that goes with it. Keeping well nourished whilst working from home is key to being efficient with your time.

4. Setting up a working from home space

Now, we are not advising you go mental and order a brand-new in-home office furniture. Don’t forget COVID-19 is a temporary issue! However, making a space for you to work in will separate you from falling head over heels for sofa slobbing, binge watching and scrolling aimlessly!

5. Phone ban!

We are all guilty of a quick look on insta becoming 4 hours later and you are looking at your ex’s new girlfriend’s sisters new boyfriends family dog. Locking your phone away in another room or putting it to the side will really help your productivity.

6. Create a daily task list

Making yourself accountable for certain tasks to be complete by the end of your working from home day will ensure you are efficient with your time. There is nothing more satisfying than a completed rainbow highlighted list at the end of the day.

7. Stay sociable

During this time, you aren’t alone! With the help of Microsoft teams, Skype, Zoom or whatever conferencing tool your business uses, you can be in touch with your colleagues at all times. Throw it back to the MSN days – you can even send GIFs these days!

Stay sociable

8. Time your time out

If you do need to pop to a shop for essentials, then make this part of your day too. Maybe pop out a lunch time to break up your day or time it so you can get your monthly manicure too! At the end of the day, self care is important too, right? Our salons are following all government guidelines to maintain our regular high standards of hygiene. Check out our opening times here.

To quote High School Muscial, “We’re all in this together”, just remember you aren’t alone during this tricky time. Make sure you get your head down, do your work and stay safe!

You can still book your appointments for post Corona crisis to save your nails, relieve you of excess hair and give you some lashes!

Our customers and our team’s health and wellbeing are the upmost importance to us. In the current Coronavirus pandemic, we would like to reassure you we are doing everything we can to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to create a safe environment for you and our team.

The steps that we are currently taking to ensure our salons are safe for you are:

  1. There are hand sanitisers throughout the salon that both customers and our teams are encouraged to use regularly.
  2. All equipment and tools are sanitised after every customer.
  3. As always, we deep clean the salon every night and throughout the day the salon is always kept clean and tidy.
  4. Tissues are located throughout the salon to contain any coughs or sneezes that may take place.
  5. Although face masks and gloves have only been advised, to reassure any of your concerns, our therapists are wearing them whenever possible.